100% Pure and All Natural. Sustainable Eco Friendly Products. 

About Us

 Brenda’s Body LLC  was born out of a desire to create beautiful, natural skin care products that compliment a healthy, active lifestyle.  Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up, the words organic and natural are an integral part of the landscape. After retiring from twenty years of secondary teaching, my teenage obsession of experimenting with natural ingredients in skin care and using myself as my first test subject, resulted in a natural skin and body care business called Brenda’s Body in 2005.

I envisioned an image and had a logo designed that expressed the peaceful and serene feeling one experiences after using Brenda’s Body products. The unique logo is trademarked and used as the distinguished design for our soaps and candles. 

All products are 100% pure and all natural and contain no synthetic ingredients.  They are considered green and Eco-friendly.  At a time when more and more of us are becoming concerned with, not only what goes in our body, but also what we put on our body, Brenda’s Body products offer beautiful and natural skin care and Eco-soy candles you can trust.

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